Durham University

The Quaternary Environmental Change research group in the Department of Geography, Durham University (UDUR) is internationally recognised for its leading research in the fields of ice sheet and sea level reconstruction. It currently comprises 14 full-time staff and a vibrant group of research staff and postgraduate students. A major research focus of the group is the reconstruction of ice sheet dynamics from marine and terrestrial archives and ocean-ice-climate interactions in mid-and high-latitudes. This research involves field-, remote-sensing-and numerical modelling-based investigations of ice sheet and ice stream dynamics, glacial landforms and sediments; ice sheet history and glacier-influenced sedimentation on high-latitude continental margins and sea level histories of the large polar ice sheets. A particular strength is the integration of field-based research with numerical modelling of ice sheets, oceans and the solid earth. The Department of Durham is the largest geography department in the UK and hosts an excellent suite of state-of-the-art research laboratories, technical support and equipment for sediment, micropalaeontological, geochemical and geotechnical studies.