External Network Training Activities

ESRs and ERs are likely to attend an international conference/thematic workshop every year (European Geosciences Union conference, American Geophysical Union (AGU) conference, Chapman conferences among others). Participation at international conferences is important to present GLANAM scientific results, discuss data with a wide scientific community, and to make contacts for future work opportunities. Fellows will be supported in conveying sessions in collaboration with the senior researchers. This will allow them to improve their organizational skills and also help them to get known in the Earth Sciences community. Moreover, senior scientists will involve fellows in ongoing scientific activities.

AGU Special Session

To ensure the maximum possible international impact for GLANAM we will seek to run a Special Session at the Fall Meeting of the AGU in San Francisco in the latter stages of the ITN’s life. This has the benefit of allowing us to invite some carefully chosen influential workers from outside the network but also to provide a focussed forum in which the GLANAM results can be communicated to a broad international audience. Given the proliferation of conferences in the geosciences this is likely to be a more effective mechanism for dissemination than a single one-off conference dedicated to GLANAM. Moreover, by this stage of the ITN’s life we fully anticipate the GLANAM Fellows to be well-networked internationally and so they will be well-prepared to use an AGU meeting effectively.