Online Training

Online training seminars specifically developed by the network will include guest lectures relevant to GLANAM objectives by leading experts from around the world. These will be made available to all GLANAM partners via live teleconferencing and will be recorded, where appropriate and consented, to mount here as password-protected video podcasts. All of the institutions involved in GLANAM have a high throughput of world-leading visiting speakers and so we are enthusiastic about the wider audience that we can develop, and the contribution towards GLANAM objectives, especially the breadth and depth of ideas we can give to Fellows. Several of the institutions in the GLANAM ITN have visiting researcher programmes, whereby researchers from other Universities receive modest funding (from other sources) to spend sabbatical periods (weeks to months) at their institution. We have specifically identified these programmes as a potentially useful contribution to training GLANAM Fellows. During the life of the ITN the individual institutions with such schemes will seek to maximise such long-term visitors who have interests overlapping with, or relevant to, the GLANAM objectives and will video-conference or podcast their visiting lectures in the same way as for normal departmental seminars (‘day visitors’). These visitors will also run workshops or online seminars in their area of expertise, open to all GLANAM network members.