A key part of the GLANAM Initial Training Network (ITN) is a programme of training events including onshore field courses, marine cruises, workshops, skills training and conferences. Details of all of these events will be available from the links here. Many events will be restricted to members of the GLANAM ITN but in some cases there will be opportunities for other self-funding attendees – we will try to advertise these opportunities widely.

The Table below summarises a provisional training programme

No. Main Training Events & Conferences Lead Institution Project Month (estimated)
1 Start-up workshop UoB Spring year 1
2 Short course on Communication Skills UDUR (at UoB)
3 Summer school -Marine Geology and Geophysics Cruise UoT
4 Short field course on the Weichselian glaciation and its imprint along SW Norway UoB Autumn year 1
5 Short course on Enterprise Skills UDUR Summer year 2
8 Short course on Scientific writing UDUR (at UNIS) Summer year 3
9 Annual workshop UNIS
10 Summer School: Svalex -Svalbard Excursion UNIS
11 Arctic Frontiers Research Workshop UoT
12 Short course on Dealing with the media UDUR (at UoU) Spring year 4
13 Annual workshop UoU
14 Short Field course on Quaternary Glaciation of Western Ireland UoU
15 Arctic Frontiers Research Workshop UoT Summer year 4
16 AGU Special Session UoB (in San Francisco) Autumn year 4
17 Final GLANAM Workshop UoB