University of Bergen

The Marine Geology and Geophysics group at the Department of Earth Sciences, University of Bergen (UoB) consists of 8 full-time Professors / Associate professors, 3 Postdoctoral fellows, 5 PhD students and 12 MSc students. The research activities in the group include marine geological and geophysical investigations of fjords, passive continental margins and adjacent ocean basins, in order to develop models for their evolution in time and space. Palaeo-oceanography with coupling between climate, ocean circulation and ocean chemistry are furthmore an important focus area. The research activities are mostly concentrated to the North Atlantic and the NW European continental margin, and the research emphasis of the UoB network partners are to study (1) marine based ice sheets and glacial history, (2) Late Cenozoic processes as submarine slides and the building of trough mouth fan complexes, (3) gas hydrates and fluid flow processes, and (4) palaeoclimate / paleoceanography within this region. The research group has comprehensive collaboration with the hydrocarbon industry, as well as national and international universities and surveys.