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Scientific Articles

Scientific Articles

Fransner, Oscar
Fransner, O., Noormets, R., Chauhan, T., O’Regan, M.A., Jakobsson, M., submitted. Late Weichselian ice stream configuration, dynamics and retreat history in Albertini Trough, northern Svalbard margin. Marine Geology.

Fransner, O., Noormets, R., Flink, A.E., Hogan, K.A., Dowdeswell, J.A., submitted. Sedimentary processes on the continental slope off Kvitøya and Albertini troughs north of Nordaustlandet, Svalbard – the importance of structural-geological setting in trough- mouth fan development. Marine Geology.

Fransner, O., Noormets, R., Flink, A.E., Hogan, K.A., O’Regan, M., Jakobsson, M., in press. Glacial landforms and their implications for glacier dynamics in Rijpfjorden and Duvefjorden, northern Nordaustlandet, Svalbard. Journal of Quaternary Science.

Flink, A.E., Noormets, R., Fransner, O., Hogan, K.A., ÓRegan, M., Jakobsson, M., 2017. Past ice flow in Wahlenbergfjorden and its implications for late Quaternary ice sheet dynamics in northeastern Svalbard. Quaternary Science Reviews 163, 162-179.

Gowan, E.J., Tregoning, P., Purcell, A., Lea, J., Fransner, O., Noormets, R., Dowdeswell, J.A., 2016. ICESHEET 1.0: A program to produce paleo-ice sheet models with minimal assumptions. Geoscientific Model Development 9(5), 1673.

Fransner, O., Noormets, R., Flink, A.E., Hogan, K.A., 2016. Streamlined subglacial landforms in outer Rijpfjorden, Nordaustlandet, Svalbard. In J.A. Dowdeswell, M. Canals, M. Jakobsson, B.J. Todd, E.K. Dowdeswell, K.A. Hogan (Eds.): Atlas of Submarine Glacial Landforms, Geological Society of London, Memoirs 46, 57-58.
Piasecka, Emilia
Piasecka, E.D., Stokes, C.R., Winsborrow, M.C.M., Andreassen, K., submitted. Relationship between mega-scale glacial lineations and iceberg ploughmarks on the Bjørnøyrenna Palaeo-Ice Stream bed, Barents Sea, Marine Geology.

Bellwald, B., Planke, S., Piasecka, E.D., Matar, M.A., Andreassen, K., submitted. High-resolution 3D imaging of glacio-erosive structures and deposits in the Hoop Area, SW Barents Sea. Marine Geology.

Piasecka, E.D., Winsborrow, M.C.M., Andreassen, K., Stokes, C.R., 2016. Reconstructing the retreat dynamics of the Bjørnøyrenna Ice Stream based on new 3D seismic data from the central Barents Sea. Quaternary Science Reviews 151, 212-227.
Weilbach, Kasper
Ó Cofaigh, C., Weilbach, K., Lloyd, J.M., Benetti, S., Purcell, C., Callard, L., Purcell, C., Chiverrell, R.C., Dunlop, P., Saher, M., Livingstone, S.J., van Landeghem, K., Moreton, S.G., Clark, C.D., 2017. Early deglaciation of the Atlantic shelf northwest of Ireland driven by glacioisostatic depression and high relative sea level. Quaternary Science Reviews.
Schiele, Kevin
Arosio, Riccardo
Arosio, R., Dove, D., Howe, J.A., Ó Cofaigh, C., submitted. Deglaciation in Southwestern Scotland, new constraints on seafloor geomorphology and seismic stratigraphy. Boreas.

Arosio, R., Crocket, K.C., Nowell, G.M., Callard, L., Howe, J.A., Benetti, S., Fabel, D., Moreton, S., Clark, C.D., submitted. Sediment provenance and weathering fluxes on the Scottish western shelf after the Last Glacial Maximum. Marine Geology.

Audsley, A., Arosio R., Howe, J., 2016, A geomorphological reconstruction of the deglaciation of Loch Etive during the Loch Lomond Stadial. Scottish Journal of Geology, 52(1).

Dove, D., Finlayson, A., Bradwell, T., Howe, J.A., Arosio, R., 2016, Deglacial landform assemblage records fast ice-flow and retreat, Inner Hebrides, Scotland. In: Atlas of Submarine Glacial Landforms. Ed. Dowdeswell, J.A., Canals, M., Jakobsson, M., Todd, B.J., Dowdeswell, E.K., Hogan, K.A.

Dove, D., Arosio, R., Bradwell, T., Finlayson, A., Howe, J.A., 2015, Submarine glacial landforms record late Pleistocene ice flow and subsequent retreat dynamics from the Inner Hebrides, Scotland. Quaternary Science Review, 123, 76-90.

Howe, J.A., Anderton, R., Arosio, R., Dove, D., Bradwell T., Crump, P., Cooper, R. and & Cocuccio, A., 2015, The seabed geomorphology and geological structure of the Firth of Lorn, western Scotland, UK. Earth and Environmental Science Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, 1-12.
Morén, Björn
Morén, B.M., Sejrup, H.P., Hjelstuen, B.O., Borge, M.V., Schäuble, C., submitted. The last deglaciation of the Norwegian Channel; geomorphology, stratigraphy and radiocarbon dating. Boreas.
Grimoldi, Elena
Pérez, Lara F.
Pérez, L.F., Nielsen, T., Rasmussen, T.L., Winsborrow, M., Andreassen, K., submitted. Quaternary interaction of cryospheric and oceanographic processes along the central-east Greenland margin. Marine Geology.

Pérez, L.F., Nielsen, T., submitted. Asynchronous development of the cross-shelf glaciation along the Central-East Greenland margin: a GLANAM project contribution. Review of Survey activities 2016 (RoSa).

Pérez, L.F., Nielsen, T., Knutz, P.C., Kuijpers, A., Damm, V., submitted. Large-scale evolution of the central-east Greenland margin: new insights to the North Atlantic glaciation history. Global and Planetary Change.
Heirman, Katrien
Hofmann, Julia
Hofmann, J.C., Knutz, P.C., Nielsen, T., Kuijpers, A., 2016. Seismic architecture and evolution of the Disko Bay trough-mouth fan, central West Greenland margin. Quaternary Science Reviews, 147, 69-90.
Streuff, Katharina
Streuff, K., Ó Cofaigh, C., Hogan, K., Jennings, A., Lloyd, J., Noormets, R., Nielsen, T., Kuijpers, A., Dowdeswell, J., Weinrebe, W., in press. Seafloor geomorphology and glacimarine sedimentation associated with fast-flowing ice sheet outlet glaciers in Disko Bay, West Greenland. Quaternary Science Reviews.

Streuff, K., Ó Cofaigh, C., Noormets, R., Lloyd, J., submitted. Submarine landform assemblages and sedimentary processes in front of Spitsbergen tidewater glaciers. Marine Geology.

Streuff, K., Ó Cofaigh, C., Noormets, R., Lloyd, J., in press. Submarine landforms and glacimarine sedimentary processes in Lomfjorden, East Spitsbergen. Marine Geology.

Streuff, K., Forwick, M., Szczuciński, W., Andreassen, K., Ó Cofaigh, C., 2015. Submarine landform assembla ges and sedimentary processes related to glacier surging in Kongsfjorden, Svalbard. Arktos, 1:14, 19 pp.

Ó Cofaigh, C., Hogan, K., Dowdeswell, J., Streuff, K., 2016. Stratified glacimarine basin-fills in West Greenland fjords. In: Dowdeswell, J. et al. (eds.): Atlas of submarine glacial landforms: Modern, Quaternary and Ancient. Geological Society of London Memoir No. 46, 99-100.
Ktenas, Dimitrios
UiT/North Energy
Ktenas, D., Henriksen, E., Meisingset, I., Nielsen, J.K., Andreassen, K., submitted. Quantification of the magnitude of net erosion in the southwest Barents Sea using sonic velocities and compaction trends in shales and sandstones. Marine and Petroleum Geology.
Auriac, Amandine
Auriac, A., Whitehouse, P.L., Bentley, M.J., Patton, H., Lloyd, J.M., Hubbard, A., 2016. Glacial isostatic adjustment associated with the Barents Sea ice sheet: A modelling inter-comparison. Quaternary Science Reviews 147, 122-135.

Patton, H., Andreassen, K., Bjarnadόttir, L.R., Dowdeswell, J.A., Winsborrow, M.C.M., Noormets, R., Polyak, L., Auriac, A., Hubbard, A., 2015. Geophysical constraints on the dynamics and retreat of the Barents Sea ice sheet as a paleobenchmark for models of marine ice sheet deglaciation. Reviews of Geophysics 53, 1051-1098.
Bellwald, Benjamin
Bellwald, B., Planke, S., Piasecka, E.D., Matar, M.A., Andreassen, K., submitted. High-resolution 3D imaging of glacio-erosive structures and deposits in the Hoop Area, SW Barents Sea. Marine Geology.

Bellwald, B., Hjelstuen, B.O., Sejrup, H.P., Stokowy, T., Kuvås, J., submitted. Trigger Mechanisms of Holocene Mass Movements in West and Mid-Norwegian Fjords and Lakes. Quaternary Science Reviews.

Bellwald, B., 2016. Slides in glacigenic settings – from fjords to deep sea. PhD Dissertation, 230 pp.

Bellwald, B., Hjelstuen, B.O., Sejrup, H.P., Haflidason, H., 2016. Postglacial Mass Movements and Depositional Environments in a High-Latitude Fjord System – Hardangerfjorden, Western Norway. Marine Geology 379, 157-175.

Bellwald, B., Hjelstuen, B.O., Sejrup, H.P., Haflidason, H., 2016. Postglacial Mass Failures in the Inner Hardangerfjorden System, Western Norway. In: Lamarche, G. et al., (eds) Submarine Mass Movements and Their Consequences, Advances in Natural and Technological Hazards Research, 41, 73-82.

Kremer K., Marillier F., Hilbe M., Simpson G., Dupuy D., Yrro B.J.F., Rachoud-Schneider A.-M., Corboud P., Bellwald B., Wildi W., Girardclos S. 2014. Lake dwellers occupation gap in Lake Geneva (France-Switzerland) possibly explained by an earthquake-mass movement-tsunami event during Early Bronze Age. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 385 28-39.
Karstens, Jens
Karstens, J., Ahmed, W., Berndt, C., Class, H., in review. The influence of focused fluid flow structures on the geological storage of CO2: Focused fluid flow and the sub-seabed storage of CO2: Evaluating the leakage potential of seismic chimney structures for the Sleipner CO2 storage operation. Marine and Petroleum Geology.