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Lara F. Pérez

I finished my degree in Marine Sciences in 2009 at University of Vigo (Spain). During the last year of my degree I was awarded with a collaboration scholarship in the Geosciences Department and I started to work in sedimentary processes and the evolution of Antarctic continental margins. The following two years I completed a Master in Geology at University of Granada (Spain) finished it in June 2011.

The later years I was involving in my PhD degree, which was finished last December 2014. The title for my thesis is Onset and evolution of the Scotia Sea Basins, Antarctica: Tectonic, Sedimentary and Palaeoceanographic Implications. During my thesis I worked in the seismic stratigraphy analysis of the Scotia Sea (Antarctica), establishing a regional stratigraphic and evolutionary model. The final challengers of my work were focus the local advances in a regional way and take them beyond, to a Southern Hemispheric correlation. As complementary part of my work I have been participating in some studies related to fluid flow evidences and gas hydrate distribution in the Scotia Sea, as well as characterization, distribution and evolution of mass transport deposits (MTDs) in that area.

International collaboration was indispensable for the multi-disciplinary approach to the study area. In order to work with international experts I did some short-term stays at Institute of Petroleum Engineering – Heriot Watt University (Edinburgh, UK, 2012), ‘Daniel Valencio Geophysics Institute – Buenos Aires University (Argentina, 2012), Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e Geofisica Sperimentale – OGS (Trieste, Italy, 2012 & 2013) and Earth Sciences Department – Royal Holloway University of London (UK, 2014). In addition, I have participated and collaborated scientifically in several international geophysical and oceanographic expeditions.

Personally, the possibility to work in the North Atlantic Glaciated Margins gives me a new perspective in Marine Geology. During my postdoc as part of the GLANAM team I am based at the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS). I will go through the main sedimentary processes occurring along the northeast margin of Greenland based on a detailed study of the stratigraphic architecture of the margin. The sedimentary record of this area preserves the major oscillations of the Greenland ice sheets; detailed evolution of the glacial sedimentary events is expected from the seismic interpretation and mapping, and therefore new challenges in the evolution of the Northern Hemisphere glaciation.