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Katharina Streuff

My name is Katharina Streuff and I am a PhD / Early Stage Researcher at Durham University, UK. I finished my Bachelor of Science at the University of Kiel in Germany on the chemistry of hydrothermal veins in Wariyah (Oman Ophiolite). In June of 2013 I finished my Master of Science at the University of Tromsø, Norway, under the supervision of Professor Karin Andreassen. In the course of my thesis I investigated the landforms and sedimentary processes in front of the five tidewater glaciers terminating in Kongsfjorden, which is located on the western coast of Spitsbergen. My PhD will deal with mainly the same issues, although the study area will comprise different regions in Greenland (e.g. Disko Bay) and various fjords on the coast of Svalbard (e.g. Magdalenenfjorden). The study will be based on the analysis and interpretation of acoustic data (mostly multibeam and chirp) and different types of sediment cores (e.g. box cores, vibro cores, gravity cores). The main objective of the project is to find out more about the processes governing the behaviour of tidewater glaciers and their influence on their surroundings. From this we can gain a better understanding of the climatic controls on these extremely vulnerable glaciers, which can eventually lead to a more qualified estimation of Earth’s future.