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John Howe

John Howe graduated from the University of Derby 1991 achieving a first class honours degree in Geology, his dissertation focussed on the development of Devonian-age carbonate reefs in Cantabrian mountains of northern Spain. His PhD research began with the University of Southampton and the British Geological Survey  in Edinburgh examining the role of current-influenced sedimentation in the North Atlantic ocean. From 1994 – 1998 he worked as a marine geologist with the British Antarctic Survey, working on records of climate change and glaciation around the Antarctic continent, both onshore and ship-based projects. Since 1998 he has been senior lecturer in marine geology at the Scottish Association for Marine Science based at the Scottish Marine Institute in Oban, western Scotland UK. He is currently head of the Biogeochemistry and Earth Science department. Research centres on offshore records of glaciation in western Scotland, marine surveys, and deep-sea sedimentation and processes. He is keen amateur diver and kayaker and lives in Oban with his family and dog, Juno.