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Congratulations! GLANAM Fellows Successfully Defending Their PhD Theses

On the 21st of December 2016 Benjamin Bellwald, GLANAM Fellow at the Department of Earth Science, University of Bergen, defended his PhD-thesis ‘Slides in Glacigenic Settings – From Fjords to Deep Sea’. The thesis comprises four papers:

  • Bellwald, B., Hjelstuen, B.O., Sejrup, H.P., Haflidason, H., 2016. Postglacial mass failures in the Inner Hardangerfjorden system, Western Norway, in: Lamarche, G. et al. (Eds.), Submarine Mass Movements and Their Consequences, Advances in Natural and Technological Hazard research, 73-82
  • Bellwald, B., Hjelstuen, B.O., Sejrup, H.P., Haflidason, H., 2016. Postglacial mass movements and depositional environments in a high-latitude fjord system – Hardangerfjorden, Western Norway. Marine Geology 379, 157-175
  • Bellwald, B., Hjelstuen, B.O., Sejrup, H.P., Stokowy, T., Kuvås, J. Trigger Mechanisms of Holocene Mass Movements in West and Mid-Norwegian Fjords and Lakes (To be submitted to Quaternary Science Reviews February 2017)
  • Bellwald, B., Urlaub, M., Hjelstuen, B.O., Sejrup, H.P., Sørensen, M., Forsberg, C.F., Vanneste, M. The role of rapidly-deposited glacigenic debris flows on slope stability of the North Sea Fan from a numerical modeling perspective (To be submitted to Marine and Petroleum Geology autumn 2017)

The thesis was evaluated by the following committee: Professor Angelo Camerlenghi (OGS, Trieste), Associated Professor Geoffrey Corner (UiT – The Arctic University of Norway) and Professor Atle Rotevatn (University of Bergen).

Main supervisor on the thesis has been Berit Oline Hjelstuen (UiB), whereas Hans Petter Sejrup (UiB), Haflidi Haflidason (UiB), Sverre Planke (VBPR AS) and Morelia Urlaub (GEOMAR) have been co-supervisors.

PhD promotion Friday 27th January, 2017 where new PhDs got their diploma.

From the left: Dean at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science Helge K. Dahle, University Director Kjell Bernstrøm, Rector at University of Bergen Dag Rune Olsen, PhD Benjamin Bellwald.